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At Therapists Unlimited, we’ve earned the reputation as a premier travel source. Our national presence allows us to have the unique ability to find travel opportunities that are perfectly matched for your skills and preferences. We’ve been in the therapy industry for more than 20 years, and in that time we’ve developed trusted and valued relationships with our clients nationwide. This allows us access to a wide variety of travel assignments so that we can make the best match possible for everyone. We'll make sure you receive highly competitive pay and great benefits along with the other perks that traveling has to offer.

Our staffing professionals will work hard to ensure that your experience is worry-free and fun. So why wait any longer? Travel the country and explore new and exciting opportunities with Therapists Unlimited today!

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Travel Therapy

We’ll Take Your Career to New Places

We specialize in offering travel placements for therapists from a range of disciplines. Our healthcare clients benefit from the expertise of our highly trained travel therapists, while our employees thrive in our array of exciting travel opportunities. If your organization is in need of travel therapists or other clinicians, conserve your limited time and resources and let us handle all of the details.

Build Your Resume and Your Nest Egg

If you’re a travel therapist, you’ll benefit from our roster of healthcare clients nationwide. We serve as a valuable career resource to find you the setting and situation you desire to take your work experience to new places and gain new skills that will increase your marketability. Explore new locations and experience regional nuances while earning a highly competitive salary and building your resume. In fact, our travel placement therapists often get higher financial compensation and benefits than local assignments, and some projects also offer a completion bonus for employees.

The Details Are Our Business

Sound tempting? We’ll manage your placement and coordinate all of the arrangements. Click here to search our national database of travel and per diem opportunities. Once we understand your strengths and experience and know your ideal workplace situation, we can start finding your perfect assignment.

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