For School Therapists 

At Therapists Unlimited, you can enjoy the rewards of working for a school while choosing the terms that are right for you. We offer anything from a 0.2 to a 1.0 position, as well as opportunities working with any variety of age ranges. Our goal is to find the best fit for you and to provide you with as many choices as possible. We will meet with you in person, discuss our different options and work with you to find you the school position of your dreams. 

In addition to finding you that school position you desire, we can also provide you with the ability to keep your skills alive in other settings (and earn a little extra cash) during your school breaks. Our therapists have the flexibility of working for any of our other clients during the summer. There’s no need to sign up for another company or to job search for a summer position yourself. We can handle everything for you. 

Please contact us today and let us help you find the school position that you’ve been waiting for! 

For School Districts

As a leading national provider of supplemental therapy staff, our mission is to help local school districts provide a free and appropriate public education to all children, including those with physical and/or learning challenges. Therapists Unlimited is committed to helping our school clients provide therapy services for students with special needs so that they can participate more independently in their education program, while developing the basic skills necessary to meet their IEP goals. 

Whether it is a 0.2 or a 1.0 opening, for a maternity leave or for the full school year, we have the help that you need. Our therapists are highly motivated and skilled professionals who have been thoroughly screened and interviewed prior to being selected for our school therapy program. Among other things, this screening process includes: 

  • A state and federal criminal background investigation 
  • Professional skills and competency assessments 
  • License and credential verification 
  • Pre-employment drug screening 
  • Multiple reference checks 
  • Work history verification 
  • A face-to-face interview

We know how much having the right person on your staff can make a difference not only to your district, but also to your students' lives. Please contact us today and let us help you find the therapists and nurses that your district deserves.